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"We are proud to have won the Hardware Innovation Category. Wacom’s aim with the Cintiq range has always been to make the increasing demands of creatives easier, and the Cintiq 24HD does just that."

Hartmut Woerrlein Director global product management, Wacom Co Ltd, winner Hardware Innovation 2013
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CG Awards 2015

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The CG Awards 2015 is a celebration of the most amazing CG art and technology that has been created over the past year in the world of animation, VFX and computer hardware.


New Application

What new content creation application has impressed with new and useful tools between 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015?

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Software Update

Open to any existing software that has received a strong update that adds new functions, improvements and stability.

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Awarded to individuals or small teams striving to enhance existing software with new functions and technologies.

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Software Innovation

Which software or services have offered clear benefits and delivered original tools between 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015?

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Hardware Innovation

Rewarding the best technology behind the products we use everyday, from tablets to workstations and 3D printers, what has impressed?

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3D Print Innovation

Rewarding the best, most innovative technology, people or artwork associated with 3D printing.

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Creative Awards

CG Animated Feature Film

From outstanding visuals, technology, animation and storytelling, this award rewards originality in technology and artistic merit.

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CG Animation Short

Whether one-off shorts or episodic TV, this award celebrates the best short-form animation.

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VFX Feature Film (scene)

Visual effects and the studios that make them gain this award. Which VFX scene most impressed between 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015?

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VFX Film Short (sponsored by Thinkinetic)

Awarded to those amateur filmmakers, small teams and studios that deliver stunning VFX and CG for TV, episodic content or web shorts.

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CG Commercial Campaign

Who has produced the most original 30 seconds of CG ad work between 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015? Time to decide.

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Arch-Viz Still

Technically excellent, artfully designed and functional, whose architectural visualisation has grabbed your attention?

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Arch-Viz Animation

Which arch-viz CG movies have impressed on a technical, artistic and practical level?

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CG Videogame In-Game

Rewarding the very best art direction and CG in a video game between 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015, whether big budget or indie developed.

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CG Videogame Promotion

The very best pre-rendered CG footage is rewarded on the basis of technical achievement, storytelling and art direction.

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Special Award

3D World Hall of Fame

It's time to reward the thinkers, technicians and creators who have made an outstanding contribution to the CG industry. Who's your hero?

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Community Award

Live event

Small or large, which live CG event, show or conference has made an impact beween 1 May 2014 and the end of May 2015? Time to nominate your favourite.

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